Jul 12, 2013 12:33 AM by Alyse Rzemek

Curbing pan handling with care kits

If you're uncomfortable giving cash to panhandlers, one service group in Pueblo has come up with a unique idea, "care kits".

Posada came up with the idea. It's the essentials that some people take for granted such as chapstick, tissue and even band-aids. Posada says these care kits really make an impact for those on the streets and provide an alternative for those wary of giving out money.
They help people like Victor Michele who's everyday hustle on the streets isn't always easy as a panhandler. "It sucks pan handling asking people for money and stuff.its against the law but we have to eat," describing his day out pan handling. That's why Posada has put together care kits for the community to give out when they see pan handlers. It has snacks, toiletries and resources for those who feel their forced to beg for cash.

Posada Community Relations Coordinator, Christina Hernandez wants to alleviate the angst for when people want to give. "Hard facts are not all people you see pan handling are indeed homeless. This is a great way to give them support they need." Hernandez said.

Gilbert Orr is one of those people who want to help out any way he can. But know the concern the community has when handing out money. "People in the community want to see less panhandlers. This is one way they can be effective and it won't cost them very much at all," Orr siad.

The cost for five of the kits is a $10 donation. Posada did make 240 kits out of their own their own general fund, but need your help to keep this program going.

Giving those on the streets a little sustenance and resources they could use. A very grateful Victor, was pleased with his care kit and believe he will use the snacks and the resource card inside the kits. "Bandaids, we all need these. Chap stick.. Flash light. Could always use this because some of us are scared of the dark like me, " he said with a smile on his face.

That is what Hernandez likes to hear. "The most important thing in here is our resources card. Posada contact, so they can come here to receive services," she said.

Posada believes the goody bags are not just a hand out, but with the resource card, a hand up, to try and get these folks off the street. "Thank you god bless. Everything is a blessing. It's all on how you interpret gift," Michele said.

Click here for more information on Posada, "care kits" or to donate.



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