Feb 8, 2012 7:00 AM by Matt Stafford

Cyber mistakes leaving you vulnerable

In January, a U.C.C.S. computer science student showed News 5 viewers how you could get hacked while buying plane tickets through Southwest Airlines on your iPhone.

To read the story on that find, click here.

Now, David Stites is showing us how the things we "like" on Facebook could be making it a lot easier for hackers to scam us, and not just you -- also what your kids "like". You could be giving out information that you don't want out there.

"If I "like" Chase, then chances are pretty good that I might have a banking account at Chase," says David Stites; a Master's computer science student at U.C.C.S.

"They may just figure, 'Well I'll try this attack and see if it works,'" adds Doug DePeppe, principal at i2IS Cyberspace Solutions.

Wednesday night on News 5 we're talking cyber security tips; how to keep your accounts safe, and keep from making the mistakes tons of people do -- leaving themselves vulnerable. That's Wednesday night on News 5



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