Apr 13, 2010 5:49 PM by Greg Boyce

D-11 lunch gets healthier

District 11 is attempting to radically improve the food served in its 65 lunchrooms in Colorado Springs.

Rick Hughes, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, indicates "Childhood obesity and ‘diet related' health issues are at epidemic levels in our own community, while dozens of food products are recalled weekly on a national level because of contamination in the highly processed foods we consume. We need to know exactly what we're putting into our bodies, instead of putting this blind faith into the food system that is making us fatter and sicker." When Hughes showed the movie, "Food, Inc.," to his management team in December, they committed to each other that "highly processed" foods would be completely removed from District 11 menus and replaced with more wholesome, natural, and locally grown foods by January 2012.

"Good Food" standards were developed and adopted by the department's management team, and the overhaul on the menus began in January. Improvements so far include reduction in the number of times chicken nuggets are served, nachos have been eliminated from the menu in all elementary schools, while ground beef was added to nachos in middle and high schools.

Macaroni and cheese is now being made from scratch, and unbreaded roasted chicken has been added to menus.

Hughes says parents and students appreciate the changes.  More information can be found on the District 11 website.



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