Nov 18, 2010 4:27 PM by Greg Boyce, Matt Stafford

UPDATE: D.A. releases letter from now dead defendant

Thursday, the El Paso County District Attorney's office announced they had received a letter earlier this month from a Colorado Springs fugitive who was later shot and killed, earlier this week, by a Sheriff's deputy in Idaho.

On Wednesday, 47-year-old Curtis Scrivner was shot and killed by an Idaho County Sheriff's Deputy. He had been on the run since the day before when causing a scene with a gun at the city center in Riggins, ID.

"He said hey, we don't need any shooting here, somebody's going to get hurt in the wrong place, and the guy split" a County Official recounting incident.

Deputies trailed Scrivner overnight.

Back in Colorado Springs, Scrivner was also wanted. He was facing felony charges of aggravated attempted robbery and menacing. Police say in April he threatened a man with a gun.

Bondsman Dennis Blackwell bailed Scrivner out of jail. He says Scrivner didn't seem like a flight risk, but then got news otherwise.

"The district attorney faxed this letter to me on November 4th," Blackwell said, of a letter signed by Scrivner.

In the letter, Scrivner said things the Districts Attorney's office viewed as threatening, like;

"This is the kind of situation that gets cops killed," as Scrivner describes rights being violated and the need to use self defense, as well as;

"...I will not attend any more kangaroo court sessions."

Blackwell tried to get in touch with the co-signer for Scrivner's bond.

"She called me back saying he's in custody Idaho," says Blackwell.

After getting the letter November 1st, the District Attorney's office tried to have the bond revoked and get a warrant for Scrivner's arrest. That was issued after he missed court on the 12th, but by then it was too late to get him while he was already behind bars.

"Mr. Scrivner was released out of Idaho on a PR bond after serving three or four days," Blackwell explains.

Scrivner didn't cross law enforcement again until his run-in in Riggins four days later, and then Wednesday's final shootout.

The deputy who was shot twice was rushed to a Boise hospital, where he was stabilized. He is now recovering.


The El Paso County District Attorney's Office has released a letter sent to the court before Curtis Scrivner was shot and killed by law enforcement authorities in Idaho. 

Scrivner was charged with attempted robbery and menacing in an incident last April.  Later he sent a letter to the court saying he would not attend any more "kangaroo court sessions."  The letter also said "This is the kind of situation that gets cops killed, when they violate people's rights..."

After reading the letter the prosecutor filed a motion to revoke Scrivner's bond.  That hearing was set for November 12.  Scrivner did not show up and a warrant was issued for his arrested. 

He was shot and killed in Idaho earlier this week near Riggins after exchanging gunfire with a deputy.  That deputy was injured.

Click here to read Scrivner's letter


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