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May 28, 2013 9:18 AM by Marissa Torres

Dangerous disease lurking in garden

It's a potentially deadly disease gardners may be exposed to when digging in the dirt. As summer rolls around, health experts want to know, when was the last time you got a tetanus shot?

Tetanus is caused by a bacteria found in soil, dust and animal feces. If that bacteria gets into a wound, it'll produce a toxin that impairs the nervous system, resulting in muscle pain and spasms-- commonly known as "lockjaw."

Doctors say all babies should get vaccinated, as well as adults- every ten years to stay safe.

Dr. Chris Wilson Southern Colorado Clinic says Tetanus can take weeks to show up with any symptoms. That includes stiffness of the jaw and neck, and difficulty swallowing. You could also experience muscle spasms across the body.



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