Jan 4, 2013 1:19 AM by Eric Ross

"Dangerous" wildlife surfacing in suburban areas

The fatal shooting of an elk in Boulder is sparking controversy all across the state.

Police say the animal was aggressive and was put down after roaming a residential neighborhood.

While the investigation continues into that case, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning residents that we tend to see a lot of wildlife this time of year.

"We had received some reports of this animal acting aggressively in the past," Boulder City Police said in a press conference Thursday.

While an elk's antlers pose a danger to humans, there have been few incidents involving them.

Here at home, we've been dealing more with mountain lions.

"We're seeing a slight influx in the number of mountain lions that are going after deer that are moving down," Michael Seraphin with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

During the winter months, animals tend to migrate to lower elevations.

In December, two joggers spotted mountain lions at Cheyenne Mountain Park.

As a precaution, the trails were temporarily shut down.

Parks and Wildlife also wants to warn you that these animals don't always stay in the wilderness.

When looking for food, they at times travel into suburban neighborhoods, posing a risk to you and your pets.

"You want to keep small dogs and pets on a leash," Seraphin said. "If you have them in your back yard, have a well-lit yard and keep them in an area where there can't be hiding places for predators."

It's also important to remove pet food indoors.

Lastly, if you happen to spot a wild animal who may pose a danger to you or your neighbors, file a report with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.



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