Feb 19, 2010 7:16 PM by Greg Boyce

Dead woman's head stays on ice pending hearing

A woman who died last week remains in a local mortuary -- her head packed each day in dry ice, in an unusual battle pitting her family against a cryonics organization in Arizona.  Lawyers representing the family of Mary Robbins met with lawyers representing Alcor Life Extension Foundation before a judge in probate court Friday morning.

Robbins signed an agreement with Alcor several years ago agreeing to have her body frozen after her death in hopes she could be revived someday when future technology makes it possible.  Alcor was to receive $50,000 from her estate.

But as she slowly died of cancer, her family says she changed her mind, and then changed her will.

Alcor stands by the original contract and wants a ruling from the judge within a week. "Under the law in Colorado what matters is what she put in writing and I think Mary understood this because three and a half years before she died, she had lawyer help her prepare her will and also counciled her on executing these documents," said Alcor lawyer Eric Bentley.

But the attorney representing the Robbins family, Robert Scranton, told News First, "We've got oral statements and other acts that Mary revoke that document and cancel the contract with Alcor."

Robbins body remains at a Colorado Springs mortuary, her head packed in dry ice each day. 

Another hearing is set for next Friday.

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