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Jul 10, 2013 9:24 AM by Stephen Bowers

Death Valley marks temperature record anniversary

July 10th, 1913 is the date on which Death Valley set the temperature record of all temperature records, and it happened 100 years ago.

On that day 100 years ago, Death Valley warmed to a scorching 134 degrees. That isn't only the hottest temperature on record at Death Valley. It's also the hottest temperature on record anywhere in the world.

To mark the anniversary of that blazing hot day, members from the National Weather Service and Weather Underground will discuss the climate of the area and what makes it so hot, in addition to what was special about the day the temperature made the climb to a world record-breaking 134 degrees.

Before July 10th, 1913, the world heat record was held by a location in Libya, a country in the Sahara Desert of northern Africa.


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