Nov 25, 2009 10:33 PM by David Ortiviz

Deep-fried turkeys hot item for Pueblo West cafe

This Thanksgiving the savory flavors of the South are coming to Pueblo West. A restaurant owner is cooking up deep-fried cajun turkey. It's a twist on your traditional Thanksgiving, that dozens can't wait to gobble up.

John Bouche is the owner of Cafe Bouche on Joe Martinez Blvd. "Back home in New Orleans we used to fry turkeys for the folks in the community," said Bouche.

"After opening up three weeks ago, we thought let's go ahead and test the waters," said Bouche. They placed an ad in the paper to season and deep fry the customer's turkey for $20. Response sizzled. "It was overwhelming--we thought we'd get ten fifteen responses. We got over 78 responses and we could only do 40 turkeys," said Bouche.

If you do it yourself, Bouche says there's a couple advantages to frying turkeys. To bake an average-sized turkey would take about 5-hours, deep-frying takes about 45 minutes. Plus, he says the taste can't be beat. "All the juices and injections you put in it are sealed inside making for a much moister turkey" said Bouche.

Next year Bouche hopes to cook another popular Thanksgiving dish from the South called Turducken--that's turkey, duck and chicken sewn together and cooked with herbs and spices.


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