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Jan 22, 2010 1:39 PM by Christian Jennings, NBC

Deer jumps into SUV, injures driver

A Georgia man was commuting to work when a deerjumped through the window of his SUV, and head-butted him. The deer's back end was hanging out of the vehicle as Clarence Johnson and his surprised passenger drove down the road.

"I was just riding listening to Ricky Smiley and then all of a sudden 'BOOM' and I looked over my shoulder and a deer was looking me dead in the face."

He thinks the deer was trying to jump over his SUV, but fell short and smashed through his window instead.

"He came in and his hind legs and his nostril and face-- hit me in my face."

With pieces of glass in Johnson's head and a deer in his lap, it was quite a scene. "All I could look at was his nose. He's kicking around trying to get out and you've got to think, I'm dragging him down the road because his back legs are still outside the vehicle."

Finally, after swerving in and out of his lane and fighting the terrified animal, Johnson was able to push the deer out his window and pull over safely. "I got cuts in my head from glass. It was all in my mouth and clothes."

But aside a few cuts and bruises, and a sprained neck, Johnson is OK.

Apparently, so is the deer. He ran off and hasn't been seen since. "I guess he got up after he was stunned."



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