Dec 18, 2009 1:12 PM by Bea Karnes

Deployed AFA captain caring for Afghan families

Capt. Tess Marcial will spend Christmas far from the Air Force Academy, where she's stationed. Instead, she's deployed in Afghanistan where she's helping train Afghan personnel at a military hospital. The hospital cares for Afghanistan National Security Forces and their dependants. The focus is on women and children.

"Most families don't know that these services are offered here in the Paktya community," said Captain Marcial, a logistics and patient administrator deployed from the 10th Medical Group, U.S. Air Force Academy. "My hope for this program is that families will become aware of this benefit as an entitlement and get the feeling there is an extended military family here to meet their medical needs."

They offer doctor visits, immunizations, hygiene education and prescriptions which include prenatal vitamins, children's vitamins, stomach medications, birth control pills and other over the counter medications.

Capt. Marcial has about one month left on her deployment.



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