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Mar 27, 2013 12:16 AM by Annie Snead

Deputy who was shot shares his story

Montague County Sheriff's Deputy James Boyd was shot three times, allegedly by Evan Ebel, but survived and continues to recover. Ebel is the suspect of interest in the shooting death of Colorado DOC executive director Tom Clements.
Two of those bullets hit his bullet proof vest, a third grazed his forehead, fracturing his skull.
"All I saw was a gun at that point in time I remember seeing the gun shoot off a number amount of times and I could see the cartridges fly out," said Deputy Boyd.
And that was the last thing that Deputy Boyd remembered after his life and death encounter with suspect Evan Ebel.
"I observed a car that had Colorado tags that something didn't seem right with it," he said.
Boyd couldn't tell you why he thought the vehicle Evan Ebel was driving looked suspicious, it wasn't even the tag that seemed odd.
Boyd says it's common to see Colorado tags on US 287, but his gut told him to pull the car over.
"I remember stopping the car, calling out to traffic and approaching the car, before I even got out of my patrol car I could remember looking at the car and thinking, something is just not right," he said.
And as soon as he approached the passenger side, that's when he says Ebel opened fire.
"You don't know is this next traffic stop going to be the last what's going to happen, you don't sit there and dwell on it because if you do your next traffic stop will be your last," he said.
Two shots hit him in the chest, his protective vest saved his life, a third shot grazed his forehead, that's when he blacked out.
He finally came to and remembers getting up to call for help when he noticed he was bleeding from his head.
An out of county deputy happened to be driving by and pulled over to help him.
"Yes, I got a scar on my head, but i'm still up and moving. It's gonna take more than that to kill me," he said.
Humble, he doesn't consider himself a hero, just lucky, and wants his story to be a reminder to others in his line of work to always wear their vests. He says it's the reason he's still here today.
"Thankful for family and friends and love and support the department has given me," he added.


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