May 18, 2010 6:36 PM by David Ortiviz

Despite publicity, murder suspect faces trial in Pueblo

Jury selection will begin in Mid-July in the case of a Pueblo West man accused of killing his 14-year old neighbor. In court Tuesday, the defense argued Paul Stark can't stand a fair trail in Pueblo, because of the high publicity surrounding the case.
"We have serious concerns about finding an unbiased jury in this area, with the amount of media exposure of the case," argued one of Stark's lawyers.

Stark, 64, is accused of sexually assaulting and murdering his neighbor Ashley Patterson last year.

The judge said Stark will stand trial in Pueblo, despite concerns from defense attorneys. "Trying to move to another jurisdiction outside of local media circulation is going to be hard," said the judge.

Stark's defense still plans to file a motion to change venues.

The judge says jury selection will begin in Pueblo on July 13. They plan to select a jury made up of twelve men and women by interviewing more than 160 potential jurors.

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