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Aug 27, 2013 8:37 AM by Lacey Steele

Did Evan Ebel commit murder to repay a debt to the 211 Crew?

New information reveals Evan Ebel may have been paying a debt to the prison gang he belonged to when he shot and killed prisons chief Tom Clements.

It's the latest from an anonymous source.

According to the Denver Post, that source says shooting suspect Evan Ebel, a known member of the prison gang the 211 Crew, was being targeted by a rival prison gang.

The source adds the founder of the 211 Crew had offered Ebel protection from their rival, and authorities suspect that left Ebel with a debt to his gang.

Ebel is the suspect in the murders of Clements and Denver pizza delivery driver Nathan Leon.

Both were shot and killed last March.

The investigation is now focusing on whether members of the 211 Crew organized the murder of Clements by helping Ebel.

Authorities say Ebel's cell phone records show he was in contact with the 211 Crew after he was released on parole in January.

After the two shootings here in Colorado, investigators say Ebel was headed to the home of a paroled 211 Crew member who lived south of Dallas when Ebel was killed in a shootout with officers in Texas.



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