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Jul 18, 2013 9:56 AM by Marissa Torres

Dig your way to a stress free life

Stress isn't the easiest thing to shake off, but what if we told you just 30 minutes in the fresh air could help.

News 5 paid a visit to one Colorado Springs mental health and wellness facility that uses gardening to help clients. Whether they're dealing with substance abuse, learning disabilities, or everyday stress, everyone is invited to the Aspen Pointe Community Garden for a little rest and relaxation.

Workers say digging in the dirt is a simple therapy that gets endorphins pumping through the body and, in turn, relieves stress.

Gardening has even been linked to promoting healthy lifestyles - especially in children.

"Most children in our society don't understand where our food comes from. They've never seen a tomato growing on a vine and this is a way for them to come, see it growing and eat it," says gardener Elise Bowan.

Working in the garden can also you get you moving. It won't give you the same benefits of pumping iron at the gym, but digging, planting, weeding - and other repetitive tasks that require strength or stretching are great forms of low impact exercise.

The Community garden is open to the public and anyone who would like to volunteer, as well as clients.

Fruits and vegetables grown in the garden are sent home with some of the families, or passed along to the Aspen Pointe Café on North Academy in Colorado Springs where culinary students use the fresh ingredients to cook.

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