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Jul 23, 2013 9:49 AM by Stephen Bowers

Dinosaur fossils discovered in northern Mexico

Mexico's National Institute for Anthropology and History (INAH) says a team of archaeologists discovered the fossilized remains of the tail of a duck-billed dinosaur, also called a hadrosaur.

INAH says the tail, discovered Monday in the Mexican state Coahuila near the town General Cepeda, is about 16 feet long, and is the first to be discovered in Mexico. They also say the tail was unusually well preserved and that dinosaur remains have been uncovered in other areas of Mexico's northern desert.

Francisco Aguilar is INAH's director in Coahuila, and he tells Reuters News Agency the the tail was likely about half the dinosaur's length. 

Other fossilized bones were found nearby, including a hip bone from the dinosaur. Scientists say they know that dinosaurs suffered from tumors and arthritis, and this new discovery could help researchers learn more about other diseases of dinosaur bones.

Archaeologists from INAH were working with others from National Autonomous University of Mexico when the discovery was made. They say the fossilized bones were about 72 million years old.


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