Nov 10, 2010 2:12 PM by Greg Boyce

Diversity officer hired at Air Force Academy

An attorney and international business executive with experience in academia, government and private law practice will become the Air Force Academy's chief diversity officer.

Dr. Adis Maria Vila will serve as the strategic leader, diversity advocate and principal adviser to Academy leaders on diversity programs and issues and will be the Academy's primary voice on matters of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Vila's responsibilities will include working with Congress on diversity issues, promoting institutional and classroom diversity and uniting diversity efforts around the Academy to increase various agencies' effectiveness.

"To achieve its mission, the USAFA must insist that diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence be at the core of its organizational culture imbedded in its organizational strategies. Leadership at all levels must be visibly committed, foster development, and define success" stated Dr. Vila.

"Stakeholders must be confident that the Academy's commitment to inclusion is a way of life not a program for those engaged in HR, OD, training, and certainly not the responsibility of consultants. Inclusive policies and behavior fall on everyone entrusted with the development of USAFA cadets into military leaders of character and integrity. It is with enthusiasm that I accept General Gould's invitation to join the Academy's senior leadership," she added.




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