Theater Shooting

Jul 21, 2012 1:13 PM by Lacey Steele

Doctor who treated Columbine victims now has theater shooting patients

One of the doctors who treated victims from the theater shooting talked about the experience.

Dr. Chris Colwell also treated victims of the Columbine shooting 13 years ago.

"It certainly did bring back some very difficult memories, and thankfully, again, in a situation like that, we can concentrate on what needs to be done next," said Dr. Colwell of the Denver Health Medical Center. "What our job is, what we have to do, how we can take care of the victims and anybody else that might needs us. It's after it, after everything becomes stabilized, and you leave the hospital and go home, and sit down and try to think about, again, what happened and how to make sense of it. And in many ways, you just can't."

Dr. Colwell adds some victims needed to go to the operating room quickly, while many were treated and released.


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