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Mar 20, 2012 12:20 AM

Does Everyone Really Pierce Their Baby Girl's Ears?


I have three boys so I have not yet been faced with the choice of whether to pierce my daughter's ears as a baby or not. I can only speculate on how I'll feel when/if that time comes. I can tell you that right now, I absolutely would not do it.

My hangups about baby ear piercing has nothing to do the normal concerns that many mothers voice. Some parents are concerned about what would happen if an earring came out or was pulled out and posed a choking hazard. I'm sure that happens but not very often. Then there are concerns about the child messing with them because they don't understand what these foreign objects in their ears are... which then may cause infection or damage to the ear.

My thoughts are that this is their body. I may have made that body but I'm not going to put holes in their body or watch my baby cry out in pain for cosmetic purposes. I have a hard enough time watching them get a quick shot. I feel that this is their choice to make when they are able to make it. I will also state for the record that I have quite a few non-traditional piercings so I am not at all anti-piercing, but I chose when and where I put holes in my own body.

With all that said, my mother had my ears pierced as a baby. She wanted to do it before I would remember the pain. She wanted to spare me the stress of the experience. I can definitely see that side of the argument and I appreciate her doing that as I would have pierced them myself later had she not. The pictures of me as a little girl with tiny studs in my ears were pretty precious. Who knows... maybe I'd feel differently if I had a little girl.

Both sides have valid points. How do you feel about piercing baby's ears?



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