Jan 16, 2013 8:21 PM by JD Downing

Dog accused of raping another dog

WESTLAKE, LA - Police in Louisiana are investigating a rape, involving a pet dog.

Donte, a one year old basset has caused quite a stir in town of Westlake after his owner's neighbors claimed he raped their dog.

Donte's owners say he's usually kept in their fenced-in backyard. That is, until he dug a hole under a fence, and allegedly mated with the neighbors dog.

The rape claim comes from a ticket an animal control officer issued which read, "THIS DOG BRED ANOTHER DOG UNWANTED". However, no one knows yet if the victimized pup is actually pregnant, so the evidence is pretty thin at this point.

When asked what she thought of the whole thing, Donte's owner said she jokingly asked if her dog would be required to register as a sex offender.


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