Aug 13, 2011 11:49 PM by Matt Stafford

Dog thrown from car on HWY 24 recovering

Two college students watched a small dog being thrown from a car that was driving up Ute Pass on Highway 24, Wednesday. Mystery -- as the dog is now being called -- landed right in traffic, but she's alive -- thanks to those college students.

"They didn't know what it was but they swerved to miss it." says Mary Steinbeiser, the shelter manager for the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter -- a non-profit. She says they pulled over, picked up the dog and brought it to them in Woodland Park. Now they're helping to nurse Mystery back to health.

With broken bones in her hips and legs, and going into shock; Mystery was taken in for treatment.

"You can see it's broken right in here," points out Veterinarian Kelly Morand, looking at Mystery's x-rays. Morand is also helping with Mystery's recovery. Morand says Mystery's fractures happened in areas that can be very painful.

"When we see something like this happen it does make us angry, it really does," says Morand.

Luckily, they say in couple of months Mystery should be doing a lot better, but it could have been much worse.

"She was in the middle of the road and she wasn't moving," says Steinbeiser. "She wouldn't be alive right now if it wasn't for them."

That leaves Steinbeiser with questions.

"Why would you do that?" asks Steinbeiser. "There are so many resources in our communities, from Colorado Springs up here to Woodland Park for help."

Between local vets and a non-profit, Mystery is now being taken care of. They hope to adopt her to a good home when she's ready.

"You're going to be okay," Steinbeiser says as she pets Mystery. She's happy to say that, because there was a point in time when she wasn't sure if that would be the case.

No criminal charges have been filed in this incident, because the driver wasn't identified. If you know anything about the dog, please call the Animal Clinic of Woodland Park, at (719) 687-9406.

Also, to help Mystery or the groups providing the help to her, click here for more information.


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