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Feb 5, 2013 11:32 PM by Siera Santos,

Doggie CPR: how to save man's best friend

They're small. They're life-savers.

Six families from across the U.S. traveled to Colorado Springs to pick up their newest addition: service dogs.

The Armstrong's are one of those families. Their youngest, Sean, is four years old and has a life-threatening peanut allergy.

"We try to go out and do as much as we can, but we're limited," said his mother Samantha Armstrong.

But, little Sean's life is about to change with help of Pheebs. She's an Angel Service Dog trained to sniff what the human eye can't see. She can track down peanuts in a room and place a paw where the nuts are located. Her keen sense of smell has the potential to save Sean's life and, on Tuesday, Sean learned how to save hers.

The K9 First Aid and CPR Class is designed to teach owners how to care for service animals and pets in emergency situations.

"When you put this much of your heart and life and hope into a dog, it's only natural that you make sure the dog's going to be healthy," said Sherry Mers with Angel Service Dogs.

They practice everything from "mouth to snout" CPR techniques on dummy dogs to bandaging a broken tail.

It doesn't take the place of a veterinarian. But owners and service animals have a chance to save a life - and it's a mutual effort.

To get more information on Angel Service Dogs or to volunteer to raise a puppy, visit


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