Aug 28, 2014 11:14 PM by Matt Prichard

Downtown improvement focuses on public opinion

The Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership, submitting an online survey to the public and getting key answers on how to improve the heart of the city.

"This is work we do everyday, I think this kind of information when you have limited staff or limited resources, you gotta get some priorities on how you use your time. And certainly this helps, or is one piece of the whole mix of how we work on downtown," said President & CEO of the Downtown Partnership, Susan Edmondson. 

Among the responses, more shopping and eating variety, friendlier pedestrian and bike access, and reducing the homeless population in the area.

But businesses along Tejon Street seem to think downtown is just fine the way it is.

"I do! I've been here for 25-years, my business grows, I have great loyal customers who I love dearly, who support me and support downtown and love coming down here," said Owner of Regina's, Regina Romrell.

It's hard to argue with more than 50% of those surveyed through who say the homeless issue is what keeps them away, something Romwell says is an issue in every downtown, not just Colorado Springs.

"They're in Denver, they're in Cherry Creek. I see them on the north-end, I see them on Filmore, in Old Colorado City, so I don't necessarily think it's downtown," said Romrell.

Regardless the survey certainly gives the Downtown Partnership a good spot to work from, a task Edmondson says they're up for.

"That's important because we want people to come downtown. So if they say we want a really interesting mix of stores and businesses, they want it to be walkable, bikeable, they want it to be clean, or lots of activities. It's our job to make sure that's what they get when they come downtown," said Edmondson.

Edmondson also says that all of this will take some time to complete, but added that this has given them a great starting point and they're looking forward to doing big things in the future.


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