Apr 26, 2013 12:29 AM by Juice Godfrey

Drivers "disturbed" by man on side of the road

A man on the side of I-25 with a sign caused some concern to local motorists. The Colorado Springs Police Department was called this afternoon about him, not because he was soliciting, but because he was carrying a pistol. The open carry of firearms is not against the law in Colorado.

"Apparently somebody got mad and called the cops. The cops showed up and they just said 'Hey, you know, it's not illegal to openly carry as long as you're not waving it around." He tells News 5. He asked not to have his name used.

The officers told him, he was not in trouble over the firearm, but he was asked to move to the other side of the street, next to a parking lot, if he was going to continue holding his sign. Soliciting on the side of a highway is against the law, and a safety issue.

The man tells us that the police officer shook his hand and thanked him for lawfully carrying his gun.

By the way, the "pan-handling" was just this mans attempt to see how much money a person can make from soliciting. He says he made about $8.



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