Jan 25, 2013 7:44 PM by Annie Snead

Drought conditions could impact parks

Drought conditions continue and there is no end in sight with unseasonably mild temperatures and a serious lack of precipitation.
The impact has been costly, with Colorado Springs spending nearly three quarters of a million dollars trying to repair drought damaged parks.
News 5's Annie Snead has more on what restrictions could mean for local parks this time around.
"We don't know exactly what that's going to look like just yet, potentially it could impact the parks," said Kurt Schroeder, Park Operations and Development Manager.
Schroeder thinks unless mother-nature intervenes, water restrictions will come, and they're anxious to see what they might be.
He says things have come a long way since budget cuts in 2010 which led to cuts in their department. Schroeder says they did what they could, but couldn't please everyone.
"Their parks and their medians and their trail system was just not looking the way they wanted it to look and they voiced a lot of displeasure about it," said Schroeder.
But extra money really greened things up.
"When the mayor came in he allotted an extra $700,000 to us to assist with our efforts to bring the parks back and things have been gradually getting better," he said.
Schroeder says that money went to things like seeding, restoring the fertilization program and putting more water on the turf so things could grow.
But after all that money being spent, just what is in jeopardy as we face a drought?
"We're in a better situation today because of the money that has come back into the system, through the help that we've received from Colorado Springs Utilities and modifying our irrigation systems," he said.
He says the impact may not be as great because of the improvements but there will still be some. "Pray for snow," he added.
Schroeder adds if restrictions are placed, they'll have to prioritize what properties get water.
That's based on athletic uses and which ones host major events.


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