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Nov 9, 2012 9:58 AM by Marissa Torres

Dry skin dilemma

With winter weather, inevitably comes dry, itchy, red skin. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it could speed up your aging process.

It's no secret we live in one very dry climate, and it's for that reason Colorado Springs was once dubbed the "Itchiest City" in the country.

"The rocky mountain air is dry to start with, when winter comes along, it gets colder," says Dr. Michael Turner with Colorado Springs Dermatology.

He says basic prevention from dry, itchy skin is applying lotion multiple times a time, especially after showering or washing your hands.

"Every time we wash our skin, we wash away oils and end up drying out more than we started. So using soaps that say moisturizing on it can help. Especially ones for men, the ones that have manly advertisements are dry most of the time"

Facial creams are also important, when your skin dries out it shrinks in the process. Dr.Turner says that- in turn-- can increase the amount of wrinkles and change the texture of your skin. There are a variety of lotions on the shelves, but what works for one person- may not work for you.

If nothing helps -- you may have to see a doctor.

Another quick tip, a humidifier. Adding moisture will not only help your skin, but overall health.



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