Nov 8, 2010 1:53 AM by John Romero

Duck shot with dart at local park

Nancy Lewis Park is normally filed with families, dogs and even ducks. But lately, neighbors have noticed something out of the ordinary. One of the ducks that frequents the park has a large dart shot into its wing. "It was odd that I saw it sitting all by itself when the rest of the ducks were down the pond." explains Mark Sperry who was walking with his wife and dog, "Something was wrong when we walked up here."

This duck seems to have been shot with a dart. Our cameras rolled as he tried to pull it out for hours. The sight has shocked the community. "There's no words." says Mary Bernard, a park visitor, "I just get a chill. I can't imagine somebody doing something like that." Some want to see punishment handed out for the person that did this. "To me it's defacing wildlife or poaching. It should be handled with law action." says Sperry. Still, both he and Bernard wonder where we are as a society. "When you shoot something like that.... Why? What are people thinking?" says Bernard, "It's hard to describe what society is going to when you see this.

All the while, they're hoping this little duck makes it through. "We're going into cold weather." says Bernard, "We're going into winter in the next couple of days. Is this bird going to make it?" The Division of Wildlife says they've tried to catch the duck several times since Friday and will likely try again Monday.



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