Aug 7, 2013 2:25 PM by Joe Bevans and Elaine Sheridan

Edelweiss bear kept at bay with new dumpster fix

The bear that became an online and TV sensation last week after stealing a local restaurant's dumpster will have to find a new place to eat.

The bear was caught on surveillance cameras behind the Edelweiss German Restaurant on the westside of Colorado Springs taking the restaurants dumpsters two nights in a row.  While the videos were enjoyable to watch, the restaurant owners knew that the bear's antics were dangerous to the bear, and they had to secure the trash.

For a temporary fix the restaurant put out tack strips and locked the dumpsters up on the advice of Parks and Wildlife officers.   You could see the disappointed bear come in and find his plan for food foiled on the security cameras the next day.  Since  Edelwiess has made a permanent fix with locking rods on the dumpsters.  So far it appears it is working.



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