Feb 7, 2013 9:23 PM by Annie Snead

El Paso County leads state with child abuse reports

Coloradans will have a statewide hotline for people to report child abuse and neglect.
El Paso County leads the state with more than 12,000 reports a year.
We spoke to those with the department of human services and Commissioner Sallie Clark about what they think about the new tool.
"We have had an alarming number of child fatalities and child abuse reports here in El Paso County," said Clark.
Commissioner Clark has been working to prevent child abuse through the "Not One More Child" initiative.
She says this new hotline will make it easier to report incidents and keep kids safe.
Right now all 64 Colorado Counties have their own number.
"By having this one hotline that allows you to know no matter whether you're in Costilla, or Larimer, El Paso County, you can call one number and be able to report child abuse and neglect," she said.
Child welfare manager at the Colorado Springs department of human services Karen Logan says they average anywhere from 80 to 100 calls a day to their office.
"A state number would be helpful so people can call one central number and then that information could get disseminated to the right county," said Logan.
She says the more avenues provided to the community for calls of concern, the better.
The hotline is part of Governor John Hickenlooper's child welfare plan called "Keeping Kids Safe and Families Healthy 2.0."
Logan says they do their best to offer as many services to the family as possible in an effort to keep them together and a small amount of calls result in an open case.
"Child abuse is something that happens in your community, don't look away reach out help people, help families," said Logan.


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