Mar 12, 2013 8:37 PM by Bill Folsom

Equestrian skills park proposed for El Paso County

There is a growing effort by horse riders in southern Colorado to create a horse skills park on underutilized El Paso County park land. One of the reason for the park is to help everyone who uses the miles of trails and open space in our area avoid conflict.

The plan for the skills park is creating obstacles and interaction that horses and riders may encounter on any trail. "Allowing them and their riders the ability to practice and build their skills so they have the confidence to go out on the trails where they're going to see other people like bikers, runners, hikers," said Debbie Bibb, who is one of the people working to create the park.

The group is working with El Paso County Parks managers to approve a location and plan. They have narrowed it down to three potential locations they are not yet making public. If the idea gets approval, the group plans to start a major fundraising effort to pay for the project.



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