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Mar 18, 2013 2:08 PM by Maddie Garrett

Evans Elementary Students Back After Fire at School

After almost a week off, students filed back into Evans Elementary School Monday morning. It was the first day of class since a student allegedly set fire to one of the school's bathrooms last Tuesday.

Hundreds of students and their teachers and staff, are trying to get back to business as usual, after the fire shut down Evans Elementary for six days.

"He was off for a few days, he was excited about being off but it's good to be back in school for him," said parent Hamlet Contreras of his son, a third grader.

Summer Grippin said she too was happy to have her daughter back in school, "I'm ready for her to go back to school, two week break next week, spring break."

Parents might be ready, but some students felt a little differently Monday morning.

When asked how he felt about being back, Hamlet Contreras, Jr., said, "Not that good, because I'm really tired."

They're back to regular schedules, except for a few third and fifth grade classes that still needed to finish their TCAP testing from Tuesday. The boys and girls bathroom where the fire took place is still closed. But other than that, things are back to normal.

Still, as parents dropped their kids off in the morning, a few lingering worries after last week's fire.

"I'm kind of nervous, but I'm sure she's going to be just fine," said Grippin.

"No worries," said Contreras. "Just knowing that the school did their part in getting the kids out safe made me feel better as a parent."

The two bathrooms burned in the fire remain closed. The school said they will be fixed over the spring break holiday, which starts next week. The total cost in repairs and cleaning was more than $300,000.



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