Mar 1, 2010 8:31 AM by John Romero

Even in cold weather, ice a big hazard

On Friday Colorado Springs Firefighters jumped into action after a dog fell into the ice twice at Prospect Lake. "That dog wasn't in the water very long." explains Travis Allen, one of the firefighters who saved the dog, "It was cold and shivering and it was extremely exhausted."

Luckily he'll be fine, but it brings a warning for anyone out for a day by the water. That ice isn't as stable as you may think. "Although it looks thick and it looks strong, it's not." says Allen, "You never now what the conditions are."

In fact, in urban areas like Colorado Springs and Pueblo ice never stays cold long enough to totally freeze making any activity on it way too dangerous. "As the temperatures increase and they warm it creates a soft ice. It makes it break much easier under our weight." explains Allen. According to News First 5 meteorologist Mike Madson, the snow is deceiving because while there may be a top layer of ice on the lake it's to warm to hold and the bottom of the sheet is still melting.



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