Sep 17, 2009 6:01 AM by John Romero

Expert says terrorist threat in Colorado real

Najibullah Zazi isn't under arrest, and no charges have been filed. Still it begs the question, are terrorist cells operating in Colorado? Without the public becoming paranoid about every little thing they see and hear, terrorism in our state really should be a concern according to nationally recognized terrorist expert, author and Colorado Springs resident Joe Ruffini.

Join terror forces converged on the building where Zazi lives looking for any evidence of terrorist activity. It opened many eyes across the state as to the very real danger of a terrorist next door.
Ruffini says there are small groups of terrorists operating quietly throughout the US, so called "sleeper cells" operating under the radar by assimilating into the population.

The city of Denver is the second largest federal hub in the country making it a target for terrorist groups and Ruffini says Colorado Springs isn't far behind. "We all know how much military presence we have in Colorado Springs so certainly I'd be very surprised as a professional if this wasn't an area of interest for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist cell members." explains Ruffini.

He goes on to say one of the best weapons against terrorist cells in Colorado is your own eyes and ears. He says the public should watch their surroundings, but not let it become an obsession.
"What we're talking about here is not paranoia, it's just vigilance." explains Ruffini, "It's keeping an eye out on our neighborhoods and if something doesn't appear to be right, it's having the intestinal fortitude to call the police and say look, this may be nothing, but let me tell you what I've seen the past couple of weeks."



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