Jul 27, 2012 7:32 PM by Lacey Steele

Extra police lights will be on Pueblo Blvd as officers increase patrols

If you've noticed more police on Pueblo Boulevard, you're not alone.

We looked into why police are beefing up patrols on that major road.

It is the main problem on this busy street: speeders.

"We have a lot of people who think the Boulevard is the fast route from the south side of Pueblo to the north side of Pueblo," said Corp. Richard Wojcik, a Pueblo Police Officer.

As he patrols Pueblo Boulevard, Corp. Wojcik says drunk driving has always been a big issue as well, but speeding seems to be getting worse.

"The increase in speed," said Corp. Wojcik. "People not stopping for the red lights. People making left turns on red turn arrows, especially here at Pueblo Boulevard and Northern."

It's dangerous on a road like Pueblo Boulevard where there's a school, places where kids play, a lot of businesses, and homes.

A lot of drivers ignore the 35 mph speed limit through neighborhoods.

"I have patrolled that section of Pueblo Boulevard and issued well over three to five thousand citations in the 15 years that I've been assigned to the traffic division," said Corp. Wojcik.

"Totally fly by you, and you know they're going a lot faster than you are," said Gloria Pugliano, a resident near Pueblo Boulevard.

They say there are several roads in Pueblo that are known for speeders, but Wojcik, who is also an accident reconstruction expert, says he feels Pueblo Boulevard has more fatalities and dangerous intersections.

He says if a light turns to yellow, don't try to beat it, just stop.

"You're only going to be there at that red light for maybe a minute, minute and a half, and that minute or minute and a half is going to save your life," said Officer Wojcik.

Officers are on increased patrols through out the rest of the summer.

It's important to remember City Police still have authority to pull you over outside of their jurisdiction, so if you are speeding on Pueblo Boulevard in the county and they see you, you will still get a ticket.


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