Jan 28, 2013 9:14 PM by Eric Ross

Family asks News 5 for help after apartment complex fails to make repairs

After a maintenance complaint fell on deaf ears at a Colorado Springs apartment complex, the Hammond family called News 5 for help.

Cathy Hammond and her husband Arron say they've been dealing with a leak in the ceiling above their kitchen for nearly two weeks.

"I called maintenance first," Cathy said. "Maintenance came over and looked at it and went upstairs and said there was nothing wrong. They came back down, then went back up again and found something wrong but they wouldn't tell us what was wrong. They then said they would come back the next day to fix it.

No work has been done since then.

News 5 shot video inside the Hammond's home Monday morning and witnessed water weight caving in over their kitchen.

As with most leaks, if they are not repaired within a timely fashion, mold can begin growing. It's something Hammond worries about as she had just given birth to a son who's now 7 weeks old.

"He (my son) could get really sick," she said. "My husband has been coughing a lot and getting sick. He's coughing so much that he throws up and has really bad asthma."

To get to the bottom of the mold mystery, we contacted management.

After our email went unreturned, we decided to drop by the front office.

A man, presumed to be the complex manager approached News 5 wanting to know what we were doing.

Immediately after inquiring about our email we sent earlier, the man said he had "no comment" and then asked us to leave the property.

"It's frustrating that they don't care," Hammond said.

Shortly after our 5 p.m. broadcast, Hammond informed News 5 that a maintenance crew had arrived. When we went back to the apartment, we noticed 5 maintenance men working on the ceiling in the kitchen.

While we were not present when they began repairs, Hammond snapped photographs believed to be "black mold" in the ceiling.

News 5 provided the Hammond family with a mold test kit. It will take 48 hours for the mold to grow. If the presence of mold is detected, the sample will need to be sent off for further testing.

This is the response Vista Peak Apartments emailed us Monday evening:

Mr. Ross,

Thank you for your email concerning the Hammond family. The issue of a leak was addressed the day Ms. Hammond reported it and it was also fixed the same day. After any leak in a wall or ceiling is repaired, we must wait to finish the repair to make sure the leak is actually stopped so that the same repairs are not made multiple times disturbing a tenant. After we let a leak "dry out" to be 100% sure it is corrected then the final step of drywall patching is completed. Ms. Hammond's drywall has been patched and there were no traces of mold to be found anywhere.

Thank you again for your concern regarding one of our tenants,

Vista Peak Apartments



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