Mar 18, 2014 2:37 PM by Olivia Deas

Family finds missing dog after "drawing" a missing poster

Seven year old Haylie Hughes was more than distraught after her pit bull Kaine went missing one afternoon. 

" When it was night time, I felt like he was going to be prey for one of the animals." 

Kaine disappeared when he dug a hole under the fence in the backyard. Since Kaine is relatively new to the family, the family had a hard time finding a picture of the dog for a missing poster. But Haylie wasnt taking no for an answer. 

"We couldnt print any pictures at home so I decided to just draw one but Dad said no, but I did it anyway and it looked really good."

And the family did receive calls for the drawing of Kaine. Haylie's mom Kylie says they thought they had found Kaine with one call. 

" Actually the first day we put it up someone called and said they had found a dog, but they didnt know for sure it was ours because there wasnt an actual picture." 

Unfortunately it wasnt Kaine, but good news did come later. Kylie finally found him after she got a tip that he was living in a ravine in Fountain, starving and frail. 

" I saw him walking up over the hill, and I just screamed his name and kind of freaked out."

Kaine's return provided not only relief for the entire family, but also proof that a child's innocence and perseverance can make a difference. 

 " I was so excited, I wanted to have a party!"


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