Apr 14, 2014 8:22 PM by Tony Spehar

Family mourning Pueblo man fatally shot while breaking-up fight

Eddie Johnson, 25, the man who was fatally shot in Pueblo last Tuesday was killed while trying to break-up a fight according to court documents obtained by News 5.

Pueblo Police were called out for a shooting on the 2100-block of Cedar St. just before 2 a.m. on Tuesday. Officers found Johnson in the front yard of a home with a gunshot wound to his chest, he died on scene.

Nearly one week later his family is still in shock.

"I think when my little brother called in tears that's when I realized, it really kind of seeped in, yeah this is real," described Domineke Johnson, his younger brother.

Witnesses told police that Johnson had been at a small party inside the home on Cedar St. when Taria Wilhite-Moore and Marquece Phillips arrived. They began arguing with and allegedly attacked Johnson's cousin, who said he had received a call from Wilhite-Moore's sister warning him not to let the couple inside of the house. Johnson is said to have attempted to intervene and stop the fight while Wilhite-Moore pulled out a gun which he then attempted to take away from her. At some point witnesses say she shot him and fled the scene with Phillips.

"He was always the type to look after you, as we see he died for my cousin," Domineke Johnson said. "He gave his life for his family, that's how much he loved us and that's the type of person he was."

As police began their search for Wilhite-Moore, Johnson's family began to receive the news he had been killed.

"I was just hurt because of the type of person he is, you wouldn't ever imagine something like that happening to him," explained Deondre Williams, one of Johnson's cousins. "It just felt like my heart was gone."

Investigators eventually tracked Wilhite-Moore to her home on Vinewood Ln. where she was arrested after a standoff with the SWAT team.

"I just want her to get everything she deserves," said Deondre Williams. "I don't wish bad on nobody and I know he wouldn't either, but he was a good person."

Eddie Johnson's family is now coming together to mourn and pray for justice.

"I'm going to love him and always miss him and I'm going to continue to live his life out for him," explained Domineke Johnson. "I'm going to do the best I can."

Taria Wilhite-Moore is in the Pueblo County Jail facing a charge of first degree murder.


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