Jan 2, 2012 11:31 PM by John Romero

Family run gas station keeps it old school

A Colorado Springs gas station is keeping alive the old school tradition of full service. Four months ago Mark Van Wyhe bought a 50+ year old gas station at the corner of Fillmore and Hancock with his dad. They renamed it Founding Fathers. "There's something to be said for that in this day of Google, iPhones and impersonal things. We're here and we help ya." says Mark.

They'll pump your gas, check your brakes and even fix your tractor is they can. It's a throwback to a different time and traditional ideas. "The things we are founded on are things like integrity and honesty... Things that we think this country was founded on." says Mark, "We give a copy of the constitution to every car we perform an automotive service on."

It hasn't been easy. Just across the street, Founding Fathers is going head to head with a modern day gas station with lower prices. But customers we spoke to say they don't mind a little extra cash for the full service treatment. "They give me great service. They always treat me right and they treat me fair." explains customer P.A. Koscielski. When we pointed out the lower prices across the street, Koscielski simply replies, "Yeah but they don't wash your windshield and check your oil!"

As for Mark, he's not too worried about his neighbors stealing business away. "They have customers. We have clients." he explains. Mark firmly and whole heartedly believes there's always room for a small business rooted in family values. "If you treat people right, you give a fair product and you have some fun while you're doing it, people come back." he says with a smile.




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