May 23, 2011 6:14 PM by Matt Stafford

Farries heading to trial for dragging death

The woman accused in the dragging death of tow truck driver Allen Rose will stand trial. Detra Farries was in court Monday morning as her preliminary hearing wrapped up; Monday was the completion of that, beginning on May 13th.

Farries will be standing trial on charges related to causing an accident resulting in death and leaving the scene of an accident.

As Monday's proceedings got underway, Judge Jann DuBois told the court she received a letter from Farries and that she had not read it yet. Copies of the letter were given to both the defense and prosecution. Defense attorneys for Farries tell NF5 they didn't know she had written the letter; they believed it included details about Farries' difficult upbringing, but had not yet read the letter.

As things continued the court heard from two of the defense's witnesses; the prosecution also recalled one witness to the stand. Detectives from the Homicide and Major Accident Divisions described eyewitness accounts of what happened at the scene; they both spoke of two interviews, a man and his uncle, who saw the whole thing. The men described Farries getting in the car as she learned it was being towed. They both also told police that when Farries drove away, the tow truck driver hooked a cable on to the vehicle. As the SUV left the parking lot, police say that's when Rose became entangled in the cable; according to the detectives the two men did disagree whether or not Rose tried to jump on the cable or get out of the way as it hooked him. The men said they had knowledge of tow trucks and wondered why Rose was acting how he did when the SUV drove off.

Wrapping up, the defense said Rose didn't follow procedure in the towing and caused his own death. As for the prosecution, they maintain that there was an accident, Farries was involved, and Rose died; they say that's enough to send the case to trial.

The judge agreed with the prosecution, that there was sufficient evidence for trial. Farries' arraignment has been set for June 22nd at 8:30 a.m.



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