Feb 25, 2013 3:06 PM by Maddie Garrett

February Teachers First: Lowell Miller

Lincoln School of Science and Technology in Canon City is one of a small number of schools in the area equipped with state of the art, interactive white boards and tablets for students. That is thanks in part to fifth grade teacher Lowell Miller, February's Teacher's First award winner.

Miller wasn't always an elementary school teacher, in fact, he didn't find his passion for teaching until he was in his early thirties.

"I was married and had kids and went back to school and I guess when you find your passion you just know what you want to do and no one can stop you," said Miller.

18 years later, he's pushing the envelope at Lincoln, as part of a team of teachers who wrote grants and raised more than $100,000 for the latest and greatest in technology.

"We're a big family that really works hard for each other," said Miller of their team.

The school is now equipped with Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and special tablets, which students use everyday. Something Miller calls - the next level in learning.

"That's probably the most important thing about being in a classroom is seeing the kids meet the potential that they can meet, it's just great," he said.

Students who nominated Miller said what they love most about their teacher is his helpfulness and humor.

"If you can get kids to laugh and get them out of their comfort zone and realize, "you know what, it's ok to have some fun, even though we do have work to do and we're held accountable," you tend to get kids to grow a little bit more," explained Miller.

And it's that mindset that makes Lowell Miller February's Teachers First award winner.

If you have a teacher at your school who stands out, you can nominate them by filling out the Teachers First packet on, under the Community tab.



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