Mar 22, 2011 4:37 PM by David Ortiviz

Fierce wind too much for Pueblo turbine

You'd think all this wind would be great to produce energy, but even wind power generators can only tolerate so much.In Pueblo, the iconic wind turbine in front of the Vestas factory has been temporarily shut down because of the ferocious wind.

Vestas says its towers usually need wind gusts above six miles an hour to start making power, but too much wind, can overwhelm the system. "Every turbine has what we call a cut out speed and when the winds exceed that speed in the neighborhood of 50 miles an hour, the turbine shuts down to avoid unnecessary wear and tear," said B.J. Kroppe, Vice President of Vestas' Technology Center.

In one year, the turbine generates about 20% of the power Vestas uses to run its factory.

Fast Facts:

The V100 wind turbine at Vestas is 262 feet tall. Including the blades, the tower is 427 feet tall.


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