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Apr 25, 2013 5:24 PM by Maddie Garrett

Financial aid offices try to keep up with more students seeking help

As the cost of college goes up, so does the number of students filing for financial aid. University of Colorado campuses will see a tuition hike next year, up 6% UC Colorado Springs. That totals to about $200 more a semester for in-state students.

It might not seem like a lot, but both students and school officials are getting ready for the impacts of more costly college in the years to come.

If you turn to almost any student on a college campus, they'll tell you: "I couldn't go to school if I didn't have help," said UCCS student Ray Lisle, who relies on financial aid at UCCS.

But for some, it's easier to get than others.

"Financial aid is helping me a little bit, but it isn't helping me all the way, I do have to work to make up a lot of the funding for school," said financial aid applicant Hannah Stischer.

Stischer is a UCCS freshman studying nursing. With several years of school ahead of her, she's concerned about more tuition hikes.

"I do have some worries about it, I worry I will have to take a year off to work and make my way and pay for school that way instead of relying on financial aid that I receive," she explained.

Stischer isn't alone, more students than ever are turning in financial aid applications.

"Definitely more applicants, more people that are applying for financial aid and receiving financial aid," said UCCS Financial Aid Director Jevita Rogers.

At UCCS, financial aid applications are up 38% since last year. That can make things tough when divvying up the dollars. But this problem isn't limited to just University of Colorado campuses.

"Most colleges and universities, it is a difficult time for financial aid offices nationwide, the federal and state governments around the country are cutting the funds," said Rogers.

Rogers said they're working to combat the shortage by making more money available than ever to the UCCS's financial aid department, to make sure there's enough to go around. Even though there was a 6% tuition increase, the school is increasing financial aid dollars by 15%.

Aside from student loans Rogers said they also encourage and help students to get grants, scholarships and on-campus jobs to help pay for tuition.

Next year tuition at UCCS will cost about $3,700 per semester for in-state students.



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