Dec 4, 2011 10:30 PM by Trovette Tottress

Fire crews face potential threats at abandoned home

Around 7:45 Sunday, emergency crews responded to a fire at 5114 Balsam Street in Colorado Springs. When crews arrived on scene they discovered heavy smoke coming from the basement of an abandoned home. Eventually the fire spread through walls and the floor up to the main level posing a potential threat to fire firefighters.

"If it starts in the basement, which it did, and goes through floors, we have to be worried about going inside and falling through the floors", said Lt. Stacy Billapando with Colorado Springs Fire Department.

But that wasn't the only issue posing a danger for fire crews. Although the fire was extinguished immediately, crews had to proceed with caution before entering the home because of black mold.

"Black mold is dangerous to human beings and it has to be mitigated out of the house", said Lt. Stacy Billapando.

And the cold temperatures combined with water added yet another dangerous element, ice.

"Our hoses can freeze up and it is a safety issue. Plus, we're human beings and we don't do well in the cold", said Lt. Stacy Billapando.

But these issues didn't deter crews from being observant of what may have started the fire which is now under an investigation.

"There are some interesting things going on that leads to a possible arson and it will be under investigation", said Lt. Stacy Billapando.

It's an investigation that will hopefully answer more questions.


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