Dec 7, 2011 12:50 AM by John Romero

Fire destroys home, displaces family of 4

A burned car and ash are about all that's left of a Colorado Springs home after a fire destroyed it in just a matter of minutes. It started around 11:30 this morning on the 5100 block of Luster Drive in northwestern Colorado Springs.

A video given to us by a witness, shows small explosions going off in the home as it all goes up in flames. The smoke could be seen for miles. "Our crews could see it while they were in route from the fire house." explains Colorado Springs Fire Department Spokeswoman Sunny Smaldino, "They called it a working fire before they even arrived here.>

Because the home went up so quickly and violently, crews had to take a defensive approach to it. "We had to fight it from the outside." says Smaldino, "We could not go inside. It was just too dangerous for our crews to go in."

William Massey owns the home next door to the one that burned down. The intensity of the flames and heat melted his electrical box, shutting off their power. Firefighters told them it could have been a whole lot worse for their home as well. "They had said if it was about 2 more minutes they would have been putting our house out too." says Massey, "They said everything had started to melt and it was pretty close to catching ours on fire at the same time."

Four people live in the home, a couple and their two small children. At the time of the fire only the father and a 2 year old were home. Luckily they were able to get out safe. "The smoke alarms were working in the home, so that really did save them." explains Smaldino, "Had they been upstairs napping and this came in and the smoke alarms weren't working, we don't know what would have happened."

The actual cause of the fire is still under investigation. We spoke to the home owner off camera. He told us he was running several space heaters in his garage.



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