Sep 7, 2011 12:32 AM by John Romero

Fire destroys Peyton home

In a matter of minutes a 2 story Peyton home went up in massive flames that completely destroyed it. It started around 12:30 in the afternoon at 16575 Cathys Loop near Curtis Road.

Mike Arndt lives across the road from the home. He and his wife were eating lunch when the fire began. "I came out of the door on saw smoke coming out of the south side of the house." he says.

Arndt tells us by the time crews arrived smoke was billowing out of the home. "Probably about 5 or 10 minutes after the 1st fire trucks arrived, the water trucks started arriving. Then flames stated coming out of the roof." says Arndt.

Fire fighters quickly entered the home looking for anyone who may have been inside.
Investigators with Falcon Fire tell us flames were heavy causing the ceiling to collapse. That swoop of air blew the fire up. "At that time we had to pull our resources from the interior of the structure to the exterior and we turned towards a defensive fire attack." explains Falcon Fire Battalion Chief Vernon Champlin.

With no fire hydrants in the area, Crews had to pull back. "Unfortunately this is a un-hydranted area and we ran out of fire fighting water fairly quickly." explains Champlin. While Falcon Fire battled the blaze, Ellicott and Peyton fire tried to get water to the scene as quickly as possible. In a rural area, that's not very easy. "Every drop of water that we put on this fire we have to deliver here from about 4 miles away." says Champlin, "We do that in trucks at 2,000 gallons a trip. It's back and forth, and back and forth."

An elderly man was the only person who lived in the home. He wasn't there when the fire began. Red Cross put him up in a hotel. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.



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