Feb 6, 2013 8:47 PM by Bill Folsom

Fire victim's new home burglarized in Mountain Shadows neighborhood

Just a day after two people were found guilty of burglarizing a home during the Waldo Canyon Fire evacuation there is another incident. This time it is a family in the final days of rebuilding after the fire.

Jonni McCoy hears from her contractor most days asking questions and giving updates. "He calls me this morning and says ‘I have some bad news this time'," said McCoy. Somebody broke in and stole part of the air conditioning system and several appliances that were about to be installed. "It was senseless. One of the things was damaged and left out in the field. It was like they had smashed it."

After dealing the fire's destruction, months of insurance claims, and all the details of rebuilding, it is one more disappointment. "Then to be hit with this was just too much really, it was unnecessary, pointless and it just adds to the grief and the pain, said McCoy, "It just doesn't seem to stop."

The hope is more people will keep watch in the recovery area so more victims of the fire aren't victimized again.


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