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Nov 13, 2013 1:00 AM by KOAA

First Hand Witness Account of Officer Involved Shooting

A woman claims she was in the car when police shot a man who was making suicidal threats. Jonathan Clark was pronounced dead last night after police shot him after asking him to put his gun down. His friend "Fallon" says the incident stemmed from a long struggle with post traumatic stress disorder that in the end left a young family without a father. 

Fallon claims after Clark had done three tours of duty in Afghanistan, he was having a hard time adjusting back to everyday life. And yesterday, he decided he couldnt take anymore and began making suicidal threats. 

"He was having anxiety attacks, I'd have to run over to his house to calm him down." 

Fallon says she jumped in the car as he was having a PTSD episode, and drove with him to his sergeants home. When the police were called, they asked him to drop the gun. 

"And he wouldnt. He started crying and he said this is it, he's going to get shot by the police." 

Police say they spoke with Clark for about 15 minutes, and when he refused to drop the gun, they shot him. But Fallon claims that police didnt do enough to talk him out of the episode. 

" They never tried to talk to him, just try to calm him down.. just to see if they could do anything. Or if they could ask something to try to talk to him, nothing." 

Clark leaves behind a one year old child and a wife. 

When we spoke to police at the scene of the shooting last night, we were told that Clark did point the gun at them and that's when they opened fire. However, that contradicts Fallon who says that Clark never pointed the gun at police. The case has now been handed over to the District Attorney's Office, and the incident is under investigation. 


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