Oct 10, 2012 9:06 PM by Jacqui Heinrich

First Lady campaigns at Fountain Middle School

About two thousand people turned out at Fountain Middle School on Wednesday to hear First Lady Michelle Obama speak.

The First Lady reminded people that President Obama inherited a sinking economy when he stepped into office; banks weren't lending, homes were being foreclosed on, and the auto industry was going under. She said though there's more work to be done, reflecting on progress under the Obama administration-- things like improved unemployment numbers, the recovery of the auto industry, steady growth in the real estate market, changes in health care policy and student loan reforms-- are a reminder of the positive direction the country is headed, and an indication of what could be done with four more years of President Obama in the Oval Office.

Speaking to Colorado voters, Mrs. Obama expressed the importance of voting in a swing state. "Understand the power folks have. Think about 2008. We won Colorado by 215,000 votes; it sounds like a lot but when you break that down across precincts, it's just 73 per precinct. Look around the room-- that could mean a couple votes in your neighborhood, just a single vote in an apartment building, a dorm room."

After the speech Michelle Obama went into the crowd and spoke with young people-- even those too young to vote-- urging them to do what they can to move the campaign forward by rallying friends and neighbors, saying what happens in this election will determine their futures.



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