Jan 27, 2014 5:06 PM by Greg Smith

Fletcher brothers have helped each other up and down Olympic-sized mountains

The Fletcher brothers have a bond that anyone with a sibling will understand. It's helped them climb many mountains along the path to Sochi, literally and figuratively.

Half of the Team USA Nordic Combined team members, have been teammates since they were born. Taylor and Bryan Fletcher will bring literal brotherly love all the way to Sochi.

"It's a lot of fun to be able to call your brother your teammate and your teammate your brother," says Bryan. "Taylor and I encourage each other on a daily basis, we're both brothers first, and competitors second."

But there was one battle, Taylor couldn't help Bryan fight. At three years old, Bryan was diagnosed with a type of Leukemia.

"It's something, that as a kid, I looked upon as just an obstacle in my way to become a normal kid," says Bryan. "Knowing that I've gone through that, makes training, makes the challenges in training, a little bit easier. If I hadn't gone through it, I certainly wouldn't have found skiing probably, or it would've been much easier to give it up at a younger age. I'm grateful that I went through it."

"Through cancer he still found his love for the sport," says Taylor. "And that speaks a good amount to his compassion, his dedication to the sport."

He passed that love for skiing down to his little brother, but they couldn't have turned into olympians without their hometown of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

"It's kind of a unique atmosphere, every kid grows up wanting to be an olympian. I don't think there's anything special in the snow," says Bryan. "But definitely something special in the community."

"Steamboat has always had a rich history of winter olympians," says Taylor ."It's one of the only places that has ski jump. It's a lot of fun to call it home."

Growing up around perfect winter training conditions here in Colorado, the Fletcher brothers are primed for another Team USA Winter Olympic medal haul.

2010 was an honor to be on that Olympic team, we came away with 4 out of the 7 medals," says Taylor. "Going into Sochi, we have the same attitude, I mean, we're still an underdog, but we've proven that we've had great success at winter championships. We can definitely do it."

If they do, they'll stand together on the medal stand.



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