Jul 14, 2014 11:19 PM by Matt Prichard

Flood work rises to the occasion

Manitou Springs running the weather gamut Monday, going from calm waters in Fountain Creek to a wild and rushing current. But for locals seeing the creek take on the high-waters and not overflow is more of a comfort than anything else. 

"We learn from each major event, so I feel like they've worked really hard to put those safety measures into place to keep the town safe," said Manitou Springs resident, David Heath.

Throughout the winter, crews pulled dirt out of Fountain Creek giving it some extra room to move and allowing for more water to pass on through. A project that seems to be doing the trick.

"The sediment removal projects have proven to give us the capacity we needed, but also the Williams Canyon, the measures that have been taken by Cusp and El Paso County and everybody up above us seems to be working pretty well," said flood recovery manager, Roger Miller.

And even looking down at the surging current, visitors weren't overly concerned saying for them it's just another reason to love the mountain town.

"It really didn't bother us to come up here, and obviously we were okay. So that's a good thing. Manitou Springs is beautiful, we love it," said Manitou Springs visitor, Derwood Rowell.

For those with the city though it's certainly a welcome sign, giving them hope that maybe all this hard work will truly pay off.

"Right now things seem to be going pretty well, and obviously the monsoon season has come and right now things seem to be working pretty well for us," said Miller.

Stay with News 5 for updates on flood work inside Manitou Springs, as well as flood situations as we continue the summer monsoon season. 


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